Effingham Field Supply Co.


Established in 2022, Effingham Field Supply Co.  is a leading outfitter and supplier of apparel and goods for outdoorsmen. Born out of necessity for affordable and reliable gear, we were destined to become a favorite among anglers and hunters, hikers, boaters, campers, and anyone else who feels the internal need to be outdoors.  Our gear can be found where trust matters most... With outdoorsmen in the deer woods, swamps, rivers, lakes, oceans, dove fields, campsites, and some of the most remote and brutal places on the planet.  


We began as an idea. Our founder wanted to buy some specific apparel for an upcoming trip and couldn't find what he wanted anywhere online or at any local bigbox store. At that moment he decided to design his own.  After months of researching and development, we launched our online store and then shortly after, our website.  It's been off to the races (well, the woods) ever since! 


Based out of Effingham County, Ga.   Effingham Field Supply Co. has since grown from just designing and retailing simple clothing to expanding our entire line of outdoor equipment and gear offerings.  We partner with many leading and trusted brands to offer you the most rugged, durable, and reliable gear on the planet.  Each brand we decide to partner with is only offered from us after we have personally inspected and thoroughly used their gear.  Ryan has spent countless hours reaching out to companies and brands that he personally owns and uses everyday. All brands that we offer have been inspected by him and used in the field before ever being listed for sale.   We will NEVER compromise quality to earn a buck.  And that's a promise.  

We offer quaility and iconic American brands such as Buck, Gerber, Ontario Knife Company, Bertucci Watches and many more. 

We also offer personalized engraving options on all of our available knives. You can check them in the Knives and Tools section or on our etsy store at https://www.etsy.com/shop/SouthernFieldSupply


We want to be absolutely certain that every product that we supply can be depended upon in the most severe conditions. The goods we offer have earned the trust of sportsmen, anglers, farmers, and all other roughnecks of this country for generations.