About us

What We Do


At Effingham Field Supply Co. and Southern Field Supply Co. we make quality apparel and goods inspired by the needs of today, you won't find your grandma's swag here...  We also offer quality gear and supplies from some of the top companies and brands in the country! Our line of personalized laser engraved knives has been a smash hit!  You can find them in the Knives and Tools section or in our Etsy store at https://www.etsy.com/shop/SouthernFieldSupply

We are a small team dedicated to designing and producing new styles and looks that you won't find anywhere else!  We make clothes that you'll actually want to wear and supply quality goods that you'll want to use!  Our T shirts and custom engraved knives make the perfect gift!  Check back with us regularly as we update our products almost daily. 

Who We Are


We are a small, husband and wife team.  We own a small homestead in Effingham County, Ga. We raise poultry of all sorts, turkeys, peacocks/hens chickens etc. We've also got some goats, rabbits, and a few fur babies that live with us in the house. We love rural living and the idea of being self-sufficient. We are on an ever-learning journey of homesteading and land management to help lower our impact on the environment as well as decrease our dependency on the grocery store.

Our Exclusive collection of Effingham Field Supply apparel is inspired by our way of life.