Now offering Effingham Field Supply Co apparel!

Now offering Effingham Field Supply Co apparel!


We are beyond excited to offer some new items from Effingham Field Supply Co.   A local brand here in Effingham County, Ga.   This is Ryan's baby.  He wanted to create a brand that embodied the way of life down here.  Pine trees, black water swamps, wild hogs, gators, copperheads, and some of the best hunting and fishing in The State of Georgia!  As an avid outdoorsman, Ryan wanted to be able to create and design an apparel line that focuses on a sportsman's interests that like-minded people could relate to. 


     So far, this line has been a smash hit and is our bestselling gear.   Our "Swamp Donkey" tees and "Hank" inspired tees are shipping out daily!   We are excited to work on expanding this collection.  We are also in talks with a few different companies to begin selling some quality brand outdoor goods.  Soon we hope to be able to offer American made pocket and hunting knives, boots,  compasses, flashlights, and other quality gear.  Our promise will always be that we will never compromise quality to make a buck.  All of the brands that we offer currently and will offer in the future, will never be offered to you unless we have personal experience and field time with the brand.  


     We understand that we are a relatively new company, but we are here for the long haul.  We have spent countless hours researching and developing designs. We have spent countless hours arranging partnerships with quality American brands. We will continue to pour ourselves into this so that we can offer you the absolute best gear and apparel at affordable prices.   


     This is just the beginning are we are so grateful for each and every single one of you who has liked or shared a post on our social media accounts, told a friend about us, but most importantly... purchased something from our store!  We never thought that this would be possible but here we are, doing the dang thing!  



Modern Style and Goods & Effingham Field Supply Co. 


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