Exploring the Wild Beauty of Cumberland Island National Seashore

Exploring the Wild Beauty of Cumberland Island National Seashore

If you're looking for an adventure that combines biking, history, and wildlife, Cumberland Island National Seashore is the perfect destination. Recently, my wife and I visited the island and had an unforgettable experience.


Cumberland Island is a barrier island off the coast of Georgia, accessible only by ferry or private boat. If you’re bringing a bike, be sure to let them know at time of booking because there is an additional $10 fee per bike. The ferry ride was also a nice part of our experience, from the deck of the ferry boat we saw multiple pods of dolphins, wood storks, and even a few rare roseate spoonbills. Once we arrived after a 45 minute ferry ride, we grabbed our bikes and set out to explore the island.

The island is mostly flat, so biking was fairly easy and enjoyable though the roads are more loose-sand than they are hardpack. This caused a few tougher spots so don’t bring a bike with skinny road tires like I did. I had to get off and walk my bike multiple times. As we rode, we saw an incredible array of wildlife, including wild horses, armadillos, and a variety of native birds and woodpeckers.


One of the highlights of our trip was seeing the wild horses that roam freely on the island. These horses are descendants of Spanish mustangs and have been living on the island for centuries. It was amazing to see them up close, grazing peacefully in the meadows.


Another unforgettable sight was the ruins of Dungeness, a once-grand estate that was built in the late 1800s by Thomas Carnegie, brother of steel magnate Andrew Carnegie. Dungeness was destroyed by fire in the 1950’s, but the ruins are still impressive and offer a glimpse into the island's fascinating history.


As we biked around the island, we also enjoyed the breathtaking scenery. The island has miles of pristine beaches, salt marshes, and dense maritime forests. We stopped at several lookout points to take in the views and snap some photos.


If you're planning a trip to Cumberland Island, be sure to pack plenty of water and snacks, as there are no stores or restaurants on the island. There are a few water filling stations, and believe me, we used them! It was only 91 degrees the day that we were there, but it felt much hotter under the sweltering sun. We also recommend wearing comfortable clothing and shoes for biking or hiking as there is no transportation available on the island.


Overall, our trip to Cumberland Island National Seashore was an unforgettable experience. If you're looking for an adventure that combines nature, history, and wildlife, we highly recommend visiting this beautiful island. And be sure to check out Effingham Field Supply Co.'s website for some awesome gear to make your trip even better. 

Be sure to check out our photos below! 

The Ruins at Dungeness

The Ruins at Dungeness 


Wild Horses in a meadow toward the north end of the island

Wild horses toward the north end of the island. 


a mare and her young foal at Dungeness


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